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The pace with which practices like Continuous Deployment and DevOps have developed over the years has been rapid. Though the pace at which software is delivered has increased, the ability to capture quality assurance metrics has not!

iAccelerate delivers a tried and tested solution to full traceability of test assets, an automated quality assurance process with the ultimate outcome of a set of dashboards to provide a view of quality and testing status in real-time. We remove the weekly reporting bottleneck and set you up to deliver your updates confidently and on demand.

Why do you need quality assurance BI?

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is a process which gathers data from various testing techniques. Often those metrics are incorrectly managed and the data is lost, test reports are inaccurate and software is then released at risk to the business.

The data gathered is required to provide accuracy on reporting the status of quality within the application under test. It can also be used to predict risk associated to change and provide education back to all disciplines. Mismanaging your quality assurance data has many negative impacts during any form of digital change.

Benefits of iAccelerate

Enjoy complete traceability

Complete traceability of test assets - Ensure you're getting a single version of the truth when it comes to the status of your project.

Apply high standards continuously

Protect and benefit from project metrics, remove the bad habit of hand-cranked reports

Increase speed

Benefit from automated testing coupled with on-demand reports, allows for an incredibly rapid and repeatable delivery of service

Reduce costs

Remove waste from all aspects of your project

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iAccelerate - More Efficient Projects

iAccelerate is a sophisticated quality assurance framework that delivers cutting-edge quality systems to keep pace with the modern, fast-paced software delivery advances of the last few years.


What is Software Quality Assurance?

In short, Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is a process which ensures that all software engineering processes, testing methodology and testing activities are all monitored closely, individually and to a predetermined set of defined standards. The prime goal of software quality assurance is to ensure high-quality management. It is a far-reaching activity that is prevalent throughout the software lifecycle. We’re passionate believers in SQA and think that iAccelerate is the product for quality assurance across all stages of your project.

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If you’re a Chief Technical Officer, Programme Director, Programme Test Manager or work in marketing or sales and you want a suite of tools that will ensure your software will be up to the job then get in touch with the team at IDS. We are here to help.

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