Enjoy A Fully Traceable Set Of Dashboards That Provide A Real-time, Up-to-date Look At Your Project’s Status

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The pace with which practices like Continuous Deployment and DevOps have developed over the years has been rapid, to say the least. This is fantastic for many companies and institutions as it’s meant that fully automated processes can be implemented which speeds up the development plan and ultimate rollout of the software application. However, all this rapid development can hamper the ability to measure the product quality and progress of software implementation. Without an end-to-end fully traceable set of dashboards that can provide you with project status in real-time, it’s hard to confidently justify and prove that what you’ve done is what was initially promised.

At ids, we’ve developed iAccelerate, a state of the art software quality assurance tool that will free you from outdated quality systems that serve no purpose in the 21st century. We’ll ensure that this tool, which can be deployed entirely remotely, reduces costs, increases confidence amongst yourselves and your stakeholders.

Benefits of iAccelerate

Enjoy complete traceability

Hold every member of your team accountable with iAccelerate. This tool will ensure you're getting a single version of the truth when it comes to the status of your project.

Apply high standards continuously

Hand-cranked reports are laborious and, while the human brain is unique, the human hand can find monotonous tasks boring and dull. This monotony inevitably leads to a lack of quality in areas that are crucial. iAccelerate shines a light on all aspects of a project so you can ensure you're applying those predetermined standards before it's too late. It won’t do this just once either, iAccelerate will continuously give you insight into projects from start to finish.

Reduce costs

Get quality assurance right the first time with iAccelerate. Don't waste time with an outdated testing process, or worse, a botched rollout which ultimately will cause you bigger problems in the long term. You can't afford to not have quality assurance activities in place - it’s as simple as that.

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What is Software Quality Assurance?

In short, Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is a process which ensures that all software engineering processes, testing methodology and testing activities are all monitored closely, individually and to a predetermined set of defined standards. The prime goal of software quality assurance is to ensure high-quality management. It is a far-reaching activity that is prevalent throughout the software lifecycle. We’re passionate believers in SQA and think that iAccelerate is the product for quality assurance across all stages of your project.

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If you’re a Chief Technical Officer, Programme Director, Programme Test Manager or work in marketing or sales and want to set quality standards that will ensure smooth deployment of software, limit issues and save you money then get in touch with the team at ids today. iAccelerate can be deployed remotely and quickly so you can get started with high-quality processes and enjoy ultimate visibility.

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