The healthcare sector has undergone huge digital transformation in recent years, with outdated systems being updated and upgraded to meet the demands of a modern, connected society driven by technology. The way healthcare is being delivered is changing, from wearable technology to electronic health records and information systems.

While these changes have made huge improvements to the industry, it does come with a need for exceptional data quality to support the applications and systems in place.

Dealing with sensitive data in healthcare

The healthcare sector deals with a lot of data, most of it sensitive and confidential in regards to patient information. This brings with it challenges in data security and accuracy, in order to prevent incidents of misinformation or leaks in the system.

Since electronic health records and information systems are now becoming the norm, data quality assurance is becoming more and more crucial to ensure all decision-making and policy-making is conclusive and correct.

Keeping up with upgraded systems

Digital transformation has led to personalised treatment for patients and the ability to share information, where allowed, but with that comes a need for data quality assurance and an understanding of the data you have. Robust testing is important to ensure you have up-to-date data and statistics, in order to meet the health needs of patients.

As well as the individual treatment of patients, quality data is needed for strategic objectives and internal operations, ensuring the system works seamlessly to meet particular goals.

The benefits of data quality in healthcare

Healthcare can benefit from data quality, management and cleansing solutions for a number of reasons. Investing in the right data quality solutions can ensure data has been entered and stored correctly in the system, removing the risk of inconsistencies particularly in regards to the patient experience.

Without the right data quality solutions in place, the healthcare sector can be at risk of ineffective decisions and increased distrust amongst employees in the deployed technology, eventually leading to a decrease in efficiency.

At ids, we have a wealth of solutions to help the healthcare sector manage and understand its data, in order to prevent issues with data accuracy and security. With programmes to manage 100% of data and keep it secure, our solutions are also on hand to ensure data is free of duplicate records.

Together with mitigating risk and protecting records, data quality, testing and management are absolutely crucial to maintain a healthcare system that works.

Your Data Quality Primer: Everything you need to know

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Your Data Quality Primer: Everything you need to know

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