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The way in which companies and institutions can deliver a project is getting faster. Gone are the days of long-winded, costly projects. This rapid delivery is great, except when it comes to tracking progress. When high-pressure, high-volume work is being delivered at a rapid pace it becomes increasingly difficult to track progress and assess the status of each individual element of the project. This lack of tracking can lead to the unsuccessful implementation of a project, increased problem manifestation and leaders scrambling to prove that all facets have been delivered to increasingly frustrated shareholders.

Here at ids, we understand the cost involved when monitoring systems are unable to keep up with the progress of major components of a project. That’s why we created iJira. A Jira implementation and a tailored strategy that provides you with a bespoke configuration of your dashboards. It is automated, clear and informative and allows the whole team to track progress and quality in real-time.

Introducing iJira. The smarter way to manage your projects

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What Is iJira?

With iJira you can enjoy a more robust governance process that has a completely bespoke set of relevant dashboards that will aid a more perfect workflow by improving execution tracking of every single element of a project. The key objectives of iJira are to exploit its simplicity, affording both government and business commercial teams, in partnership with their solution providers, an ability to move away from spreadsheets and expensive toolsets to One Version of the Truth. This visibility, this type of project management, leads to increased confidence in the people that are investing in your project.

With iJira you can enjoy the latest snapshot, up-to-the-minute system status notifications, more acceptable response times and be made aware of any potential performance issues before they cost the project time or money. Our vision for iJira is simple, to help organisations launch without fail in the fast-paced world.

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Our Three iJira Products

iJira Health Check

Ensures your implementation of Jira and Confluence are running at their best. It is there to give you One Version of The Truth. Our experienced consultants can provide for you an end to end “Health Check” of the implementation of your Atlassian tools such as Jira and Confluence. We will assess how these two products are being used across your projects coupled with User Management that will provide recommendations on how you can save on your licence costs should this be appropriate. Our team will look at how Jira is being used and make recommendations against Workflows, Dashboards, Issue configurations and how to get the best out of the tools to give you One Version of The Truth across your portfolios and projects. A full and comprehensive report will be issued with a stand-alone executive summary so that you can get the best out of your investment.

iJira Service Support

Jira is an advanced development tool which can, if implemented incorrectly, impact the progress of your projects. Our consultants can ensure your Agile Teams have the right level of support at hand. We will work as OneTeam, and enhance the reporting and data held within Jira and Confluence to give you One Version of The Truth. We can tailor your Workflows, Dashboards and Issue screen to the projects ensuring you have a higher return of investment. No-one is better placed to work as one team with your deployment of Jira and Confluence.

iJira Installation and Configuration

Our highly experienced consultants can install Jira and Confluence for you and tailor it from the out of box settings into a functional deployment that you can then take forward with your agile teams at pace. We can also install other Atlassian Marketplace applications for you such as a link between Microsoft Azure DevOps and Jira so that your development teams have a tool they are familiar with and then your Programme and PMO can have One Version of The Truth through a revised Jira dashboard increasing immediately your return of investment.

Download our iJira brochure

iJira - Creating One version of the truth

iJira is a bespoke Jira configuration which provides you and your team with a set of dashboards to track and trace the progress of important Enterprise, Portfolio and project elements. Linking all your disciplines assets and requirements together to form on demand reports and dashboards supporting quality decision making throughout your governance processes.


Benefits Of Using iJira

Greater Accountability

As we mentioned, iJira ensures everyone throughout the entire project has One Version of the Truth in an easily digestible manner that is accessible from the cloud or on-premises with access via all types of devices. This means team members' responsibility for success and failures can be apportioned appropriately.

More Efficient Project Deliveries

Do away with old management systems and enjoy a bespoke, slick set of dashboards that will transform the way projects are handled, from inception right the way through to final delivery. Successful implementation is all but guaranteed because the right people have the knowledge to make changes when it looks as though corners are being cut.

A Better Long Term Strategy

A better long term strategy - The traditional approach of project management and delivery is bloated, risky and ambiguous. Using a tool like iJira will allow your company or institution to take on bigger and better projects because great practices, good governance has been implemented and each asset has been tied to a meaningful deliverable.

Enjoy An Enhanced Reputation

Stand out in crowded industries with a modern, fresh way of carrying out planned work. Make iJira part of your business strategy and become the go-to company for nimble, agile project management. iJira also gives you the assurance that any GDPR/data requirements are being met too which will also stand you in good stead as a reliable company to work with.

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If you’re a CTO, Programme Director or Technical Test Manager who wants functional monitoring tied to strategic goals that can ensure you deliver a project on time and on time for yourself or for an important client then make sure you get in touch with the team at ids today. iJira can be deployed completely remotely so no matter where you are in the UK, Europe, the USA or further afield, you can ditch the traditional approach to project management and step into a fantastic new world of accountability, awareness and monitoring.

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Jira FAQ

What Is Jira?

Originally designed as a bug and issue tracker, Jira has become a powerful project management tool for various different ventures. From test case management to agile, innovative software development. Jira is not just one thing, it is a group of products that help any number of teams in a business to manage their work. These products are Jira Core, Jira Software and Jira Service Desk all of which can be used for different types of agile project management.

What Is Jira Used For?

Jira can be used for a wide variety of things. Developed by Australian company Atlassian, it's used for bug tracking, issue tracking and in a more broad sense, project management. Jira is used by lots of industries because of its user-friendly functions, features and ability to make handling once complex issues easy.

How To Create Sprint In Jira?

Creating a Sprint, a fixed time period where team members complete work from a backlog, in Jira is super easy. The first step is to create a sprint, go to the backlog of your Scrum project, click the Create Sprint button at the top. Then, fill your Sprint with stories from the backlog, taking time to speak to support teams and employees so everyone knows what work is due to be completed. To add stories, go to the Backlog and drag & drop issues from the Backlog to your Sprint - it's that easy. The final step is to turn them into Active Sprints which you do by going to the Backlog of your Scrum project, finding the relevant Sprint and clicking Start Sprint.

What Does Jira Stand For?

Jira is a shortened version of Gojira which is the Japanese word for Godzilla.

What Is Confluence?

Confluence is an additional Jira software which allows you to create a single place to organise additional content that is created in addition to the main project. Confluence eliminates the need to store docs in multiple places. Jira tracks your issues and Confluence is great at collecting additional information like thoughts, plans and knowledge that were created in the process.

What Is An Epic In Jira?

An Epic is a large body of work that is broken down into a number of different stories based on priority. Epics are all-encompassing and will feature a range of support teams and other groups across different projects.

How To Create An Epic In Jira

There are a couple of ways to create an Epic in Jira. The first way is to click Issue in the top-left corner and select Epic for the issue type. Alternatively, you can navigate to the Backlog and click on the epics panel. Then, click Create epic and give it a name and a summary. Then, you'll need to add stories to it by clicking Issues, select an issue type other than Epic, find Epic Link and select your Epic. To do this from the Epics panel you navigate to the backlog, open the Epics panel and click Create issue.

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