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Our range of software quality assurance products and software testing processes will ensure that you’re testing software thoroughly and with great precision. Here at ids, our iTesting services can provide you with software quality assurance products that will lead to a deeper understanding. We’ve worked hard to provide our prominent clients with a suite of core services that help them reach their business goals and free them from their bloated quality testing processes. Our iTesting service can do it all, from stress testing, load testing and performance engineering to meeting high-quality objectives by delivering automated testing ecosystems and other on-demand, automated services.

The Quality Engineering Services That ids Offer


This software quality assurance and traceability framework will help your company release themselves from the shackles of inefficient software and data practices. Our iAccelerate quality engineering service will speed up your quality assurance and traceability services. All to ensure you have confidence in your quality management system through meaningful and accurate business intelligence.

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Forget about human error, costly mistakes and poor resulting software data when you choose our iAutomation software testing services. This form of on-demand automated software testing will help you benefit from rapid automated testing with the support of accurate replica data sets. Make better, more informed decisions with this repeatable, on-demand testing engine.

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After undertaking the process of software design for a new notable project, don't let it all go to waste by not security testing it. iSecurityTest is a quality engineering service which uses penetration testing, sometimes called pen test, pentest or ethical hacking. This looks to test the security and safety of your systems. These types of security testing solutions are vital in ensuring that your system can withstand any potential hacks or incursions.

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When it comes to Load & Performance Testing, you don't want to leave things to chance, you want to ensure your system can withstand high demand so that you're not left stranded. Our Manchester-based performance factory will provide your company with thorough and rigorous Load & Performance Testing. Our load testing process is flexible, repeatable and can be delivered remotely in blocks to support the demand of your project.

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See how our clients have implemented iTesting

Health Service Case Study

Rapid implementation of service layer test automation using an IDS interface automation strategy. Learn how IDS’ Technical Testing services delivered a repeatable regression testing solution for a Health Service programme in the United Kingdom.

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Central Bank

Reducing the cost of regression testing by more than 94% using an iTesting interface automation strategy. Learn how iTesting delivered a 94% reduction in the monthly cost of regression testing for a Central Bank in the United Kingdom.

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What Is Software Quality Engineering?

Software Quality Engineering is about applying high-quality standards to the management, development operation and maintenance of a company or institution’s IT systems. In an ever-changing world of technology, it’s important that you’re focusing your quality assurance services on all elements of the technology engineering and software development life cycle. This may shock you but according to Harvard Business Review, the amount of companies that meet basic quality standards stands at just 3%! Without proper software engineering standards, the resulting software results will not be of high quality. This is why finding the right quality assurance services is vital, if test automation, functional testing, regression testing, security testing, load testing or any other type of testing is an aspect of your business. If you don’t get it right the first time, you’re going to be spending more time, more money on a new strategy to achieve your quality objectives.

Learn More About Our iTesting Products

From a range of software quality engineering tools that will help you remove any unwanted data to load & performance testing that will ensure your software will be up to the job. iTesting has everything you need for a rigorous testing process.

Helping business throughout the UK

From London, Cardiff and Birmingham right through to Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow or Edinburgh we have helped businesses and institutions right across the UK with cutting-edge testing solutions that have helped propel them forward.

If you’re a Chief Technical Officer, Programme Director, Programme Test Manager or work in marketing or sales and you want a suite of tools that will ensure your software will be up to the job then get in touch with the team at ids. We can’t wait to find out how we can help.

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Downloadable Resources

Download our whitepaper to learn about the future of continuous testing.

In this comprehensive and enlightening whitepaper, James Briers discusses what the real issues and inefficiencies are in delivering quality and walks a reader through real solutions which helps to lift the mist on the mechanics involved.


Live Compare ids/Tricentis

LiveCompare tool provides fast, automated impact analysis for any update to your SAP systems. It works across the entire SAP ecosystem, including ECC, CRM, BW, Fiori, and, of course, S/4HANA. When paired with Tricentis Tosca, LiveCompare reduces testing time by 85%, accelerates releases by 40%, and increases quality by 75%. Click the button to read more:


API Testing ids/Tricentis

Industry experts recommend that organizations place increased emphasis on testing at the API/message layer. They report that API testing is much more suitable for test automation and continuous testing than UI testing— particularly with Agile and DevOps— click the link to read more:


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