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We all know Bugs found in production are extremely expensive, due to the reliance of manual testing issues are often missed and get deployed into production. Fixing production issues is extremely costly to a business, especially when they impact a company reputation.

High frequency of software change and deployment requires faster test result feedback. making slow, manual testing procedures produce a project bottleneck. Manual test execution becomes an expensive, non-repeatable part of the software development process which prevents the realisation of continuous deployment and DevOps from being achieved.

What is iAutomation?

iAutomation is an on-demand, automated software testing solution that will allow for faster deployment processes whilst not compromising on test execution time. We are a specialist automated quality assurance provider, who deliver more than a set of automated test scripts. iAutomation is about deploying a repeatable automated eco-system to work hand in hand with practices such as continuous deployment and DevOps.

iAutomation will manage your test data too and ensure that your test environments and scripts are using representative test data, resulting in greater accuracy of testing.

iAutomation will accelerate automated quality engineering for enterprise application testing on Unit4, SAP, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Oracle, and many other popular enterprise applications so that your organization can innovate faster while reducing business risk.

The Benefits of iAutomation

Reliable & Accurate Results

Scripts can be executed on demand. View your test results and dashboards after each execution with confidence that that the results you're seeing are reliable and accurate.

Re-usable test assets

iAutomation create scripts which can be used again and again, especially with robust management of test data

Reduced Testing Time

iAutomation you can have accurate, thorough tests executed overnight as part of a daily deployment.

Increase In Test And Code Coverage

Our iAutomation framework will go deep and widen its scope of testing at the same time.

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Downloadable Resources

Download our whitepaper to learn about the future of continuous testing.

In this comprehensive and enlightening whitepaper, James Briers discusses what the real issues and inefficiencies are in delivering quality and walks a reader through real solutions which helps to lift the mist on the mechanics involved.


iAutomation - Simplify Your Testing Procedure

iAutomation is a fully-automated software testing solution which has robust practices and tooling to support continuous testing with test data management, environment management and on demand reporting.


See how our clients have implemented iAutomation

Health Service Case Study

Rapid implementation of service layer test automation using an IDS interface automation strategy. Learn how IDS’ Technical Testing services delivered a repeatable regression testing solution for a Health Service programme in the United Kingdom.

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Flexibility and speed are essential, we provide you with highly vetted, trained and experienced consultants to deliver iAutomation from London, Cardiff and Birmingham right through to Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow or Edinburgh. We have helped businesses and institutions right across the UK with cutting-edge testing solutions that have helped propel them forward.

If you’re a Chief Technical Officers, Programme Director, Programme Test Manager or work in the Marketing/Sales departments and work for an institution somewhere in the UK and you want to supercharge your automation framework with a cutting edge automation tool that can create accurate scenarios to test your data repetitively and whenever you want then get in touch with Intelligent DS today!

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