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In a more interconnected world where people from all over can access software, an application, or a website in seconds there is an increasing demand on your system performance over a longer period of time. Unexpected demand, or a surge in users, is great if your system can handle it, but catastrophic if it can’t. Poor website performance, heavy load volumes, weak response times and slow rendering processes are just a few factors that can hamper the user experience. And, as you know, poor user experience can be the difference between a lead, a sale or someone leaving your website. This is why you need an on-demand software performance testing tool (also known as Load & Performance testing) that can make sure your website is able to handle unexpected usage.

What is iPerform?

iPerform is a performance testing service that is flexible, on-demand and repeatable. Delivered entirely remotely from our Manchester-based factory, our iPerform load testing method will design, build and execute your performance tests on-demand allowing you to keep costs and budget spend under your control.

Regular load & performance testing is a costly exercise. Hiring people that have niche skill sets and experience for a set period of time to undergo test automation can be extortionate. In stark contrast, our iPerform testing method has costs involved that are spread over a long period of time on a monthly basis. This means you’ve got constant access to a load testing tool that you can use on-demand to ensure you’re always focused on good performance metrics.

Benefits Of Our iPerform Load Test

Remotely Delivered

Forget about investing in cumbersome hardware and desks that take up space in your office. iPerform is delivered completely remotely from our bespoke performance factory in our home city of Manchester.

Know Your Limits

Load tests that are done once in a while will give you a very narrow picture of performance based on one load scenario. Using iPerform will ensure you know your application limits from web applications to apps to software, all year round.

Work Alongside Experts

Plan any load test that you'd like to execute with a team of dedicated experts at ids. We have a group standing by to help you plan performance cycles and offer advice about load tests, testing techniques and how to create load scenarios whenever you need it. It's like having your own in-house load testing team without the expensive investment.

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We passionately believe that constant load testing should be considered a vital part of any application or piece of software. If you’re working for an institution or company and are after a testing tool that comes with a team of experts, has costs that are spread over months and can be remotely delivered at a specially designed performance factory, then iPerform is the load test tool for you.

Wherever you’re based in the UK, from London, Cardiff and Birmingham right the way through to Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle or Edinburgh we want to hear from you. If you’re interested in our load testing tool then get in touch with the team at ids today, we can’t wait to hear how we can help your company or institution focus on high-performance metrics.

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