Every business will likely undergo some sort of digital change or transformation in its lifetime, even more so now as technology continues to be the driving force behind many organisations. Digital transformation can help to create or modify business processes to help you drive growth and success, allowing you to rethink how the business uses technology, processes and people to improve performance.

Sectors such as healthcare have undergone huge digital transformation in recent years, but with that change comes an important need for robust testing and data quality assurance. At ids, we have a number of solutions to support your business during a time of crucial digital change.

Improving chances of successful digital transformation

Digital change is as much about technology change as it is a cultural change. It’s important to understand why you are doing it, and what tools you need to make it a success. Data quality can help to support applications, software and systems to ensure you can make conclusive decisions about your business’ future.

Giving day-to-day tools a digital upgrade and empowering people to work in new ways can be instrumental in an effective digital transformation throughout the business.

Prepare your data for the change

Before embarking on any sort of change or transformation process, it’s important to have the right data quality management in place. This can help you to achieve a better understanding of your data to highlight challenges and opportunities, before moving to a new system or software.

Using the right data quality tools, you are able to chaperone data through a rigorous cleansing process before you undergo transformation or migration. iData can help you to achieve an efficient process that performs rapid data quality checks, maintaining the integrity of your data.

Protect your organisation

Upgrading to a new system or introducing new software requires testing, but it’s key to have the right test data management in place, as in today’s world using production data is just too risky. Being able to generate and obfuscate test data can de-risk your projects while accelerating your progress.

This can enable you to have a complete understanding of your software before releasing it. iDataMaker has the capacity to allow you to run as many different test scenarios as possible with generated or obfuscated data, so there are no surprises once the system goes live. By using test data you can protect your business from data breaches, while automation allows you to speed up the process and achieve a continuous deployment model.

Prevent bugs or issues

During a time of digital change it’s common for there to be a high frequency of software change and deployment, which would benefit from faster feedback when testing. Manual testing can be too slow and prone to errors, and fixing production issues can be costly.

Being able to automate your software testing process could be the key to avoiding issues, bugs or even data loss, when upgrading to a new system. iAutomation can provide an on-demand software testing solution that can speed up your deployment, without compromising on quality.

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Download our Data Quality Checklist to help prepare for your data projects

As data quality can be complex and time-consuming, it’s often difficult to know where to start. We’ve put together this helpful checklist to point you in the right direction.

Download our Data Quality Checklist to help prepare for your data projects

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